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TCPMappingFilterProviderInterface is a client side interface registered by a TCP mapping filter so that your filter can be notified of TCP mapping session events.




TCPMappingFilterRegisterSource [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterRegisterSourceFunc
Called when a new TCP mapping source is registered. See TCPMappingFilterRegisterSource

TCPMappingFilterInstantiate [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterInstantiateFunc
Called by the framework to instantiate your TCP mapping filter. See TCPMappingFilterInstantiate
TCPMappingFilterDestroy [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterDestroyFunc
Called by the framework to destroy an instance of your TCP mapping filter. See TCPMappingFilterDestroy
TCPMappingFilterConnectServer [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterConnectServerFunc
Notifies of an eminent connection to a server. See TCPMappingFilterConnectServer
TCPMappingFilterProcessClientData [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterProcessClientDataFunc
Notification about data from the client. See TCPMappingFilterProcessClientData
TCPMappingFilterProcessServerData [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterProcessServerDataFunc
Notifies about data from the server. See TCPMappingFilterProcessServerData
TCPMappingFilterClientClose [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterClientCloseFunc
Called when the client connection is to close. See TCPMappingFilterClientClose
TCPMappingFilterServerClose [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterServerCloseFunc
Called when the server connection is to close. See TCPMappingFilterServerClose
TCPMappingFilterConnectFailed [Optional]
Type: TCPMappingFilterConnectFailedFunc
Called when the connection to the server failed. See TCPMappingFilterConnectFailed





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