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Interface registered by navigation items to handle events produced by the WinGate Management Console user interface.




NavItemCreateWindow [Optional]
Type: NavItemCreateWindowFunc
Called to request your navigation item create its panel window. See NavItemCreateWindow
NavItemDrawItem [Optional]
Type: NavItemDrawItemFunc
Called to request that your navigation item draw itself. Only valid for items with the flag NI_FLAG_OWNERDRAW set. See NavItemDrawItem
NavItemNotify [Optional]
Type: NavItemNotifyFunc
Notification function called to inform your item of an event. See NavItemNotify
NavItemPreTranslateMessage [Optional]
Type: NavItemPreTranslateMessageFunc
Called by allow your navigation item to process (or ignore) PreTranslateMessage for its panel. See NavItemPreTranslateMessage
NavItemGetHelpContent [Optional]
Type: NavItemGetHelpContentFunc
Called to retrieve the help pane help content for your navigation item. See NavItemGetHelpContent
NavItemFreeHelpContent [Optional]
Type: NavItemFreeHelpContentFunc
Called to free any allocated help content your navigation item returned from NavItemGetHelpContent. See NavItemFreeHelpContent
NavItemShowContextHelp [Optional]
Type: NavItemShowContextHelpFunc
Called to request that your navigation item show its F1 context sensitive help content. See NavItemShowContextHelp
NavItemKeyboardNavigate [Optional]
Type: NavItemKeyboardNavigateFunc

Called to allow your navigation item to process keyboard navigation events. See NavItemKeyboardNavigate






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