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Here are some tips to get you started.


  • Visual Studio 2010 development environment. Other versions of Visual Studio might work but are not supported as yet.
  • WinGate SDK installed on the development machine.
  • WinGate installed on the development machine.
  • WinGate developer licence activated on the development machine.

Building an example project

1. Setup your development environment

2. Build the example solution

  • In VS2010 selected New->Project
  • Select the WinGate Plugin Module template under Visual C++ templates. This wizard should be installed with the WinGate SDK.
  • Build it

3. Test example module

  • Start your local WinGate service
  • Run the WinGate Management Console.
  • Assuming you have selected the default options, you should see a new item in the tree (Default name is MyItem) and clicking it should show you a simple panel.

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