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The Component UI API provides functions for integrating your component with the WinGate Management Console as well as creating core, consistent user interface elements . The Component UI API enables you to create and manage the following types of UI elements.


Element typeDescription
Navigation Tree ItemsNodes that sit in the navigation tree in WinGate Management Console. Typically you provide a panel that appears when you click on your node.
TasksText buttons that allow you to set commands for configuring your component's data. You can add, remove and edit tasks and task groups as you see fit, allowing you to provide permanent tasks as well as tasks that are only active under certain conditions. Most components in the WMC add tasks when they receive a NI_EVENT_ACTIVATE message and remove their tasks when they receive a NI_EVENT_DEACTIVATE message.
Navigation BarProvides alert messages with optional links for navigating around the user interface.
Context HelpSupport for showing HTML help based on the current navigation position in the navigation tree.
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