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Queries whether a component is ready to have its ComponentEntry.InitInterfaces function called to initialise it's interfaces.



Pointer to the ComponentEntry that is being queried for its interface initialisation status.
Type: bool
Whether this is the last chance the ComponentEntry has to respond. QueryInitInterfaces will no longer be called you return from this invocation.
Type: bool

Whether the specified component is ready to have its interfaces initialised via a call to InitInterfaces 

Return Value

Type: void


QueryInitInterfaces is typically used to return TRUE once a module has bound to every other interface that it depends on. For example, you might create a module that requires Events and Data for it to function so you would continue to return FALSE from QueryInitInterfaces until you have been notified that both of those interfaces have been published.

QueryInitInterfaces may be called numerous times at various points during initialisation of WinGate modules and components.


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