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Registers an event sink. An event sink is an object that can processes events when they are triggered with EventProcessEvent.

Registered event syncs appear as items that you can chose for event processing when you double click an event in the events panel.



Type: LocString
The LocString that describes the name of your event sink. 
Pointer to an interface that will handle the event processing
Type: void *
Arbitrary context data that is passed to the sink processing interface
Type: EventHandle *
Pointer to an EventHandle that will received the sink object created with EventRegisterSink. Use this returned handle to deregister the sink with EventDeregisterSink

Return Value

Type: bool
If the sink was registered successfully then true is returned. Otherwise false is returned.


Registering an event sink does not attach the sink to any events. To attach your sink to events call EventAttachSink


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